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Dental Marketing Plans

How effective are our dental marketing strategies?

It’s simple: when you measure the performance of individual marketing tactics, your efforts can be refined incrementally. You know which aspects of your marketing are working and which are wasting your budget.

We've tested hundred of tactics for their effectiveness at generating enquiries.

We've compared the performance of different types of ads, their wording, when they're shown, and many other factors.

The result is more enquiries for every marketing pound you spend than probably any other form of marketing.

Dental Marketing

We use A/B (or split testing), multivariate testing and automatic optimisation tools to compare variations in adverts.

This involves small experiments where two or more variants of an ad are shown, and statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal.

Testing takes all the guesswork out of online marketing and enables data-informed decisions.

Each incremental advance in performance compounds to create big increases in lead volumes.

We keep on top of your website traffic trends so you don't have to.

Stage #1 - Discovery

Your web presence makes you findable via a number of channels:

  • Organic search results
  • Local search (via map view)
  • Social media
  • Inbound links e.g. press, blogs, forums
  • Search adverts
  • Retargetted adverts

Our services deliver improved website traffic through each of these channels over both the short and long-term. You can expect to see improved traffic inside a few weeks.

How much we increase your traffic can depend on the size of your target market, the quality and quantity of competition and your current market position.

Conversion rate testing is a scientific approach to marketing. Two or more variants of an ad are shown, and statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal.

Each incremental advance in performance compounds to create big increases in new patient enquiries.

Stage #2 - Conversion

Your conversion rate is simply: Website Enquiries / Website Visitors.

Improving your conversion rate is the key to getting the most from your marketing budget. We do this by:

  • Understanding different visitor types and intentions
  • Identifying user-experience problems
  • Gathering and understanding visitors’ objections
  • Spotting the hidden wealth in your business (such as expert reviews or customer testimonials)
  • Using the best tools and a super-efficient methodology
  • Creating incremental advances

The great thing about this process is how it compounds. If we double your traffic and double your conversion rate, we'd quadruple your new patient enquiries.

Stage #3 - Retention

Customer relationships, retention and recommendations - the virtuous cycle.

Once you have acquired a new patient you can consider their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to your practice.

How long will the patient relationship last? We've seen reports that say it could be up to 10 years. How much revenue does a typical appointment generate? And how many does each patient have per year? Our handy ROI calculator can show you how much each new customer could be worth to you.

What's more, each new (happy) patient has a referral value - they'll bring in their partners and children and recommend you to their friends.

It's easy to see how much value a new patient acquisition plan could add to your practice.

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Projects & Customers

We work with all kinds of dentists - from general practices, ortodontists and implant specialists, through to practices focused on aesthetic treatments. Our online marketing services are effective for dental practices big and small.

As we specialise in dental marketing, we know what’s needed to ensure your advertising is completely compliant with the GDC and GDPR.

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Fully compliant with marketing guidelines specified by the GDC and GDPR

Some guidelines you may not know:

  • You must make clear whether the practice is NHS, mixed or wholly private.
  • Avoid any claims likely to create an unjustified expectation about the results you can achieve.
  • You must back up claims with facts or evidence.
  • If you promote your services via social media you must make clear that the treatment advertised may not be appropriate for every patient and is conditional on a thorough assessment.
  • You must keep your website up to date so that it accurately reflects the personnel at your practice and the services offered.
  • Do not display information comparing the skills or qualifications of any dental professional with the skills and qualifications of other dental professionals.
  • If you are a dentist and are on a GDC specialist list you can use the title ‘Specialist’ or describe yourself as a ‘specialist in’. If you are not, you may only use the terms ‘special interest in’ or ‘experienced in’.

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