Professional headshots, natural portraits, groupshots and video snippets.

We understand that photography is more than camera settings. It’s about capturing personality, and our professional photography services do just that.

The difference lies in creating relaxing, undemanding and low pressure environments, helping your team leave their anxieties and stresses at the door and simply be themselves.

Taking portrait shots of your dental team is just one aspect of the convenient suite of on-site corporate photography services we offer, which also includes:

  • Head and shoulder portraits
  • Practice environmental portraits - shot to full,length, 3/4 and half body
  • Practice action photography - capturing your people working and interacting with each other
  • Group photography for your dental team.
  • Simple videos that work well as background areas on engaging websites

A corporate headshot takes, on average, 10-minutes per person to shoot, after we’ve set up a on-site studio. This time is spent:

  • Relaxing, explaining the process and finding common ground
  • Coaching and showing your people ways they can minimise their perceived imperfections
  • Shaping the image with the best light for their individual facial shape
  • Taking some shots, showing results, making adjustments, taking more shots until we get a shot that your employee is happy with

We firmly believe your employees should be happy with how they look on your website or publicity material, after all they are allowing you to use their image and this is very personal.

Our photography half-day includes 4-hours of photographer time, including set-up.

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We work with all kinds of dentists - from general practices, ortodontists and implant specialists, through to practices focused on aesthetic treatments. Our online marketing services are effective for dental practices big and small.

As we specialise in dental marketing, we know what’s needed to ensure your advertising is completely compliant with the GDC and GDPR.

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