Search Engine Optimisation

If you want your website at the top of the Google rankings you've come to the right place.

Our websites are have search engine friendliness designed in from the outset.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving and maintaining ranking results in search engines for search phrases key to your business. Search results are determined by many different ranking factors - some closely guarded by Google, others publicised in their guidelines.

The SEO techniques we employ are recognised as best-practices within the industry to ensure long-term, positive results:

  • On page keyword optimisation
  • Off page SEO - Link building from external websites
  • Content marketing and social SEO
  • Technical SEO - metadata, URLs, accessibility, structured data etc
  • Behavioural signals - e.g. time on site and bounce rate
  • Mobile SEO
  • Page speed optimisation

Maximising visibility in Google (and other search engines) for phrases key to your business. Dentists generally target a specific geograpahic area, the Google Local Listings are important too.

We focus on the specific services you offer, whether that's cosmetic dentistry, ortho, perio, general dentistry, implants or anything else.

We're experts in providing Google with the signals needed to create trust, credibility and usefulness that lead to high rankings.

Projects & Customers

We work with all kinds of dentists - from general practices, ortodontists and implant specialists, through to practices focused on aesthetic treatments. Our online marketing services are effective for dental practices big and small.

As we specialise in dental marketing, we know what’s needed to ensure your advertising is completely compliant with the GDC and GDPR.

Crunch makes it easy for dentists to implement a new patient acquisition strategy

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